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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smart Retirement Xtra。。。

今天去银行,然后看到有人介绍这个配套,就去听听,这个saving plan有一些他们当场没有说的,比如扣income tax只到2021年罢了,而且还要看income tax是否approved,但是flyer里的例子大头看了不明白啊。。。 



Read At No Cost said...

try use XIRR not IRR. XIRR compound the year (time) factor too. Then you will see the real compounding value.

LC Ng said...

银行或保险公司出的SAVING PLAN到最后我们所拿回的钱都是吃亏的。投资何必靠他人,靠自己吧!

有目标的大头 said...


I use XIRR I get 9.625%, am I calc correctly?

Vincent Chai said...

Using the example given in the brochure, i use excel work out to be 7.41% at high and 1.96% at low. i don't know how the figure at age 60 of 31500 come from.

有目标的大头 said...

LC Ng,

such as?

Vincent Chai,

May I know how you calc? from the brochure, if 33 years old start, then starting from 60 yearly get 31500, but after discuss with others, they say 31500 is the total amount that received in that 10 years.

Vincent Chai said...

Sorry, wrong calculation. Should be 4.1% high and negative % low using the brochure example.

From year 1-10, -3,100 per year. Year 11-20, no movement. Year 21-30, 3,255 per year. Year 31, 46668 for high or 5678 for low. =IRR() should get the figure.

有目标的大头 said...

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the calc. I also roughly get this result, so I will not go for it.