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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


[小孩基金] - 给与我们未来小孩的礼物。


以下是IGBReit的一些基本资料,因为该Reit还没有Annual Report。。。

The Subject Properties are established destination malls of Mid Valley City and target different market segments of shoppers :

Mid Valley Megamall is positioned as a one-stop mall serving as a family, tourist and lifestyle destination for local and out-of-state residents

The Gardens Mall is positioned as a premium fashion mall focused on the higher income, domestic, expatriate and international tourist customer segments. Luxury brands at The Gardens Mall include Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Tods, BOSS Hugo Boss, and Versace Jeans.
Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall are situated adjacent to each other and have a combined NLA of over 2.5 million sq ft, creating the largest inter-linked retail property site in Malaysia. The Subject Properties are classified as megamalls and capture multiple target customer segments due to their size and diversified tenant mix. Combined, the Subject Properties contain 663 retail outlets as of 31 May 2012. The Manager believes that the combined size of the Subject Properties is itself a draw to shoppers from around the Klang Valley.

The wide array of offerings at and complementary nature of the Subject Properties allows IGB REIT to benefit from domestic spending trends in both high-end and mass market retail segments, drawing upon growth in both target markets while reducing concentration risks associated with focusing solely on one customer segment.

[后备金]- 2013一月开始存钱进Credit Diet户口里。

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