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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Citibank One Bill And Auto-Billing Service

The Smartest Way To Pay Your Bills
Citibank One Bill is a smart billing service where you can register and combine all your household bills to charge to your Citibank credit card account every month.

Now upon One Bill sign up, you will never be stuck in traffic or be in a long queue just to pay your bills. Most importantly, there will never be a late payment for your household bills again!

Also, with the replacement card service, for any replacement to your Citibank credit card as a result of lost, fraud or upgrade, Citibank will automatically charge your registered bills to your replacement card!

It's not only convenient, its simply hassle-free!



大头在9月份的时候就开始了这个Auto-Billing Service,那个时候大头register了3个缴费户口,过了三个月,大头才发现(后知后觉)两个已经activated,一个却没有,打了一个电话去询问,在他们电脑的记录中,3个都是在9月27号register,他们也给不到大头一个原因,只是告知大头会remark as a report and escalate,然后要求大头先自行付费。。。(汗) 

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