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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


大头从事IT的,在公司里大头每天都troubleshoot internal user电脑的问题,可以帮他们解决问题,但大头家里的电脑,大头troubleshoot了几天,但都是得个“桔”。。。真的能医不自医啊,惭愧惭愧。。。

话说大头弟弟的电脑突然blue screen,大头几乎什么帮法都用过了,update driver, uninstall driver,
flash BIOS, Format, upgrade Windows,但那可恶的blue screen还是我行我素的不时的出现,上网查
看,原来这个blue screen大有来头,称之为blue screen of death。


In Windows XP, stop messages generally take one of five forms:

1. Software errors during Windows operation. Software or device drivers installed in your computer may have errors or problems which cause a stop error, either constantly or under certain conditions.

2. Hardware errors during Windows operation. If a hardware device malfunctions or is removed during the operation of Windows, or if your hardware does not fully support the operations that XP expects it to support, a hardware stop error will occur. Outdated BIOS information on older computers might also be an issue.

3. Installation errors. The Windows XP installation process is the most sensitive time for hardware and disk errors. If there is a problem with your computer's hardware configuration or the media you are using to install XP, a stop error will likely occur.

4. Startup errors. Corrupted system files, hardware and driver errors can all cause Windows XP to halt with a stop message without correctly booting into Windows. An error of this sort will almost always require troubleshooting before Windows can be loaded correctly.

5. Intermittent errors. The most irritating type of stop message, these crop up consistently but apparently randomly. The most likely culprits for this include: defective system memory, an overheating processor, dead or dieing hard drive or faulty software and device drivers.

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